Taking up the Slack in the Bounce Grip 2 Head


The head on my Bounce Grip 2 is loose. How do I take up the slack in the head so that it stays put?


Easy fix -- on the side of the grip is a round plastic plate with the index marks showing the position of the head. Gently pry this off (it's glued), and underneath you'll find a disc with a red line on it and a screw in the middle. Remove this screw and plate (gently -- the screw under the plate is a reverse-thread). Under it, you'll find three screws deeply recessed in holes -- tighten them, and you're grip will be good as new. At least, once you've replaced the disc, aligned it properly and tightened it's screw, and replaced the plate with a little silicone adhesive....
contributed by Clint Rumbo