Re-assembling the OM-1/2/3/4 Rewind Knob


How do I re-assemble the rewind knob of an OM-1/2/3/4?
First, slide the end of the rewind lever (the end with the small hole through it) down through the opening in the rewind knob. Then put that small pin ("wire") through the lever and pull the lever up so the pin is in the track on the underside of the rewind knob. Lay the rewind lever flat across the knob.

Turn the rewind knob upside down and place the flat spring over the threaded post of the knob so that the "spring" side is against the bottom of the rewind lever, not the square plate. The round opening of the flat spring goes around the knob on the rewind lever, and the square plate will point away from it.

Now, holding everything together, turn the rewind knob over and screw it onto the rewind shaft in the camera. When it begins to get snug, flip the rewind lever out and re-align the flat spring so that the round opening is centered under the opening where the knob on the rewind lever rests. Grip the flat outside edges of the fork on the end of the rewind shaft with some small pliers and tighten the rewind knob _clockwise_ using the extended rewind lever. It's likely that in doing so, the flat spring underneath will shift, which will prevent the rewind knob from laying flat when stored. If so, loosen the knob, re-position the flat spring a little further over so that it will end up in the right place when tightened.>

contributed by Clint Rumbo