Tools Recommendation

Here's a recommendation some had about Wiha tools. I've got a few of their tools and they are quite good.

Wiha's are made in Germany out of cro-van-moly steel. The tips are harder than hammered hell. In addition to the camera tool places, you can buy them direct from Wiha. The web site has monthly sales with good prices.

If I can recommend one more screwdriver to add to your potential order, it would be a Phillips #000. This is VERY small, but you find them used on lenses. Might as well get it now & save on shipping if you ever need it. I don't think you'll need anything after this. That is unless you want the ultimate set of Slotted & Phillips which would include:
Mostly Ultimate Precision Screwdriver Kit



Finally, notice that these are available in different lengths.


Let me give you a final priority list in order of what I think you should buy to start a nice set. Just purchase each item listed in order, until you run out of money:

The individual pieces never go on sale at Wiha, only sets, FWIW.

While you're at the web site, they have a fantastic selection of tweezers. There must be about 60-80 different tweezers to choose from!

I have no affiliation with Wiha other than being a really happy customer.