Winder 1/2: Battery Pack Problems, Film Advance problems


My winder works fine with an external power source, but doesn't work with my battery pack. Is there something wrong with my battery pack?
Rule #1 is don't store the battery trays (or flashes!) with batteries in them -- not only do batteries leak, but the trays warp until the batteries don't make good contact (or the flash bodies crack).

Try cleaning the contacts with an old-style pencil-type typewriter eraser, or such like. Don't scratch the contacts, though, just polish.

As above, check to see if the tray is bowed or bent -- if so, you may be able to "reform" it in the following way:

  1. Put two batteries in the tray, one on either side, in the middle.
  2. Lay a pencil down the back of the tray and wrap a heavy rubber band around the batteries in the middle of the tray, holding the pencil against the tray. The batteries will keep the tray from being squeezed closed.
  3. Lift one end of the pencil at a time and insert a spacer of some sort (nail, etc.) between the tray and the pencil.
  4. Put the tray under a 60w lamp, approx. 12" away. Leave it this way for several hours.

This will slowly bend the tray back to it's proper form.


I turn my winder on and it winds and winds and winds but never advances the film.
A spinning motor is usually due to a bad rubber grommet that translates the rotation of one gear to another -- it can be replaced. And the post that aligns the winder with the body (if it's been broken off) can be replaced, too....
contributed by Clint Rumbo