Body group       OM Based Microscope Cameras

There exist four OM based Microscope Cameras.

The C-35DA-2, C-35AD-4 and PM-6-8 cameras are partially based on the OM-3 / OM-4. The exchangeable memo back and film chamber are identical, the bottom plate is almost identical. They don't have a shutter speed ring, prism, mirror, finder or meter.

The C-35DA-2 has a normal manual film advance lever. Remarkable is an insert that accepts a transparent data sheet for data imprinting. The PM-6-8 is identical to the C-35DA-2 but has a fixed Manual Exposure Body (shutter). 

The C-35AD-4 has a very small built-in winder (!) which is triggered by the Automatic Exposure Body PM-PBS / PM-PBSP and requires the adapter PM-35A to pass the electrical signals. 

The cameras don't have a normal shutter; a bayonet shutter closes the film chamber when the camera is removed from the Exposure Body. The back can be exchanged for the 250 Film Back 1, requiring the coupler PM-250AD (picture below), or a Databack. With Databacks 1, 2 & 3 the sync cord is connected to the Exposure Body; when Databack 4 is used, the connecting cord UYYKK25 (or any other PC<->PC connector) is necessary to connect the plug in the bottom of the camera to the Exposure Body.

The scientific camera SC35 is based on the OM-101 PF. It doesn't have a Power Focus Wheel, and has a dedicated focusing screen. Four types with different focusing screens are available: 9, 11, 12, 15. The "9" has the endoscopic screen 1-9 built in, the others are for photomicrography. Screen 1-15 is a third variant of a cross-hairs screen that is not available separately.
The camera comes with a slightly modified variant of the Manual Adapter 2.