Case Group       Compartment Case S

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Summary Main Characteristics
A small-size hard shoulder case with leather surface. Can hold one OM body, three interchangeable lenses, filters, films and other small items.
Any unit contained in this case an be held without its individual case so that it can be taken out instantly as desired.
Two adjustable partitions can be set up as desired to hold units in the case.
If all the partitions are removed, the case can be used as an ordinary box.
Sample contents:
(1) One OM body with lens no longer than 100mm telephoto and two other lenses such as 200mm telephoto and 75-150 zoom, both shorter than 15cm in length.
(2) One OM body with 200mm telephoto or 75-150mm zoom plus one standard or wide lens.
(3) One OM body with lens, an interchangeable lens and a Quick Auto 310 or T32 flash.