The Unofficial Olympus OM Sales Information File On CD!

Do you want a copy of the complete Unofficial Olympus OM Sales Information File (eSIF) on your local computer?
Buy The Unofficial Olympus OM Sales Information File On CD!
For only 44 US$ or EUR.33 including shipping costs I'll send you the complete eSIF on CD!

A lot of money for something you can also download for free? I don't think so: 
- It took me almost a year to write and publish it.
- It saves you the download time.
- Bulk downloads jeopardizes the existence of the eSIF Online because of mass data traffic.
- This is the price of a new music CD in the Netherlands. What do you prefer - Michael 'Ooh-ooh' Jackson ;) or OOOOMMM?

Plus: you'll receive some fine & exclusive bonus files, that are not available online!

Bonus 1 You'll get high resolution scans of the original Olympus Sales Information File, the File that gave me the idea to start the eSIF in the first place! This File is very hard to find since it was not available to the public and was only distributed among Olympus dealers. If you ever find one for sale it will probably be a lot more expensive than the eSIF on CD! These scans are converted into 11 separate .pdf files, covering all the System Groups, a total of 372 MB, and can be printed if you wish to create your own copy of the File. This File was from 1979 (The OM-1n/OM-2n/OM-10 period). 
Note that not all the units available at that time were incorporated in the File, so they are not in the scans either. All the bodies and lenses are there, the Motor Drive Group and Flashphoto Group was also presented completely, but some of the more exotic units from the Macrophoto Group, Photomicro Group and Technical Group were omitted. I excluded from scanning the pages covering the Olympus P&S cameras that were at the end of the File.

There are some extra scans from the File from 1988 covering the OM-4Ti, some lenses (50-250mm/F5, 90mm/F2) and accessories like the F280. Of course, most of the info in the Sales Information File is also available in the eSIF. 

Bonus 2  You'll get scans from a nice Olympus OM System brochure from 1985, the golden age of Olympus OM, covering the OM-1, OM-2 Spot Program, OM-3, OM-4, OM-G (20), OM-F (30), OM-PC (40) and many of the accessories including technical data. This brochure has 35 pages and is also scanned in High Resolution True Colour so that it can be printed if you wish. This .pdf file is 73 MB.

The eSIF On CD contains the complete online version of The Unofficial Olympus OM Sales Information File, including the manuals, the iS/L Page and the Olympus History Page. That is 257 MB of data! Including the exclusive bonus files there is no less than 670 MB of data, so it only fits on a 700 MB (80 min.) CD-R! 
All the files can be accessed off-line. You can run it from the CD if you wish, or copy the entire CD (or just the eSIF part) to your local harddisc and run it from there. 
There is also a contents .html file included in the root of the CD for easier access of the eSIF and the bonus files. 
The price of The Unofficial Olympus OM Sales Information File On CD is USD.44 = EUR.33 including shipping.

Additional notes
- You can make safety backups of the CD for your private purpose.
- You may not, however, sell copies of the CD.
- You also may not publish the CD on the Internet!
To read or print the .pdf bonus files and manual files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free.

System requirements
Your system should be able to read an MS Windows 95/98 compatible CD ROM including long file names.

Are you interested?
Of course you are! Just send me a email and I'll send you further instructions.

Hans van Veluwen, The Netherlands
Author & Webmaster of The Unofficial Olympus OM Sales Information File

Reasons Why We Don't Want To Stop Being Zuikoholic
In November 2001 I gave away three free copies of the eSIF On CD to celebrate the new URL for the eSIF.
I asked the submitters on the Olympus OM Mailing List to send in their Top Ten reasons why they didn't want to stop being Zuikoholic (a dangerous addiction resulting in the possession of numerous OM bodies, lenses and accessories). Here's what they wrote:

- Oh, how I love that zuiko glass.... I need more!
- My wife wants me to.
- It beat hanging around the bars.
- You get to be different than most everyone else (those with the bricks).
- They age so beautifully.
- I know I'm not alone. There's a whole support group out there.
- Besides collecting all this beautiful equipment, you can use it too!
- The sheer beauty of the gear.
- I have too much gear to start over again.
- What else would I shoot with, a N*k*n?!?
- I'm not addicted!  I can really stop any time.
- Lightweight.
- Quality lenses.
- Only other viable options require even more fanaticism and $$$.
- Other systems may not offer a chrome body, black body, and Morgan Sparks leather in the same model to collect.
- Still trying to justify this system to the spouse/significant other you THINK they're gonna let you switch?
- Other systems not offering enough variations of bodies and lenses to lust after to make it a truly challenging system to create the complete collection.
- Only just finished mounting the Zuikos to the SUV.
- So much of your brain is devoted to facts and information about the OM system that tossing it all away at once may cause permanent brain damage.
- Holding onto your collection will hep protect others from becoming hooked.
- Waiting for the book to come out so that the values of all your gear will skyrocket and then you can maybe recoup some of your costs!
- The crisp yet gentle feel of the of the shutter release of an OM-1.
- I can take my black beater OM-1 and a 50/1.8 MIJ out in adverse conditions and not worry about damaging them.  They take it better than I do at times, and continue to take great pictures.  A more hospitable environment may call for a like new silver OM-1n, which is equally reliable.
- I haven't gotten a Morgan Sparks leather kit yet.
- My eternal hope that I will encounter an 8mm fisheye at a price so low Doris would blush.
- When I put a small kit together for travel I can carry extra film where others would carry extra batteries.
- The 100/2.8, who's compactness and performance epitomize Maitani's design criteria.
- My introduction to the OM system ended my days of snapshot photography, and taught me that photography is a craft (at which I will always be in my apprenticeship).
- Meeting a curious stranger while taking pictures, and spreading the "good news".
- My appreciation of OMs as well designed and durable tools.  Who held this camera before, and to what end?  Who will hold it after my stewardship is done?
- This is all a bit over the top. How could a rational being find himself in a condition where "Zuiko" added to "ism" would be a fitting description?  And besides, denial is just a river in Egypt.
- Otherwise I wouldn't have any reason to get the eSIF On CD.
- My OM-1 (MD), bought new in 1977 or '78, has never taken a bad picture (wish I could say the same for photographer!). Hope to be using it for another 20+ years!
- I can live with it.
- I still can have many good years together with my OM's and Zuikos.
- I can handle it.
- Being leicaphilic is much more addictive as the drug is stronger.
- I am sure I can handle it.
- Addiction is quality of life.
- I don't have a car, so I can have many OM's and Zuikos.
- As long as there is no cure, I won't stop.
- I am very confident that I can handle it.
- Since I consider myself being a Zuikoholic the number of people I call friends has tripled.
- I've got so much stuff that trying to get rid of it is more work than maintaining it.
- Watch it, buddy, I *like* my Zuikos...
- Selling it to someone else would just turn me into an enabler.
- I need something to fill up my spare storage area
- Nothing makes me feel better when I'm down than a good Zuiko-fix (OK, almost nothing...)
- I'm competitive by nature (Tom and Frank... watch out!)
- I'm hoping for additional Zuiko-funds from the federal government as soon as the American's With Disabilities Act is amended to cover Zuikoholism
- It's an excuse to buy a bigger SUV.
- There's no better read on a cold winter's night than the eSIF...
- "Zuikoholic" sounds cool...
-  What else would I scan through evilbay looking for every day?
- It would leave me with something completely foreign to me... extra money.
- It would eliminate one obvious, EASY item my wife has to give me grief over.
- I wouldn't know what to fill the lovely oak tool chest I bought with. It's currently full of Zuikos and OMs
- What ever would I do with all that film in the garage refrigerator?
- Who would wind up being the default photographer at all family get-togethers?
- My email traffic would plummet from 100 or so message on average, daily, to about 3.
- My bins of developed prints would start getting 'lonely'.
- My recreational time would be taken up with, what, ...  GOLF??????
- And, the number one reason I'd never want to take the 'cure' for zuikohaulism, I'D MISS ALL THE SUV, AK-47, LIBERAL/CONSERVATIVE, LARGE VS. MEDIUM FORMAT, FLAME WARS ON THIS WONDERFUL LIST.
- Being Zuikoholic hasn't resulted in my arrest -- yet.
- Chris O'Neil, poor soul, needs a raison d'etre.
- Zuikoholism reduces my chances of contracting a social disease. 
- I don't have to Christmas shop any more.  No money for that.
- Since I'm online 24/7 looking for OM bargains, telemarketers can't get through to me at all.  Nor can anyone else.
- It helps keep me single.  One look at all my Oly goodies and a woman realizes I'm totally irresponsible.
- I weigh less; no money for food.
- I drive a more fuel efficient vehicle (have to $$); I'm saving the planet.
- When people think you're crazy, they show you much more tolerance.
- Since I now spend all my money on OM gear, I don't wear underwear anymore!
- It's FUN.