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The Power Bounce Grip 2 adds off-camera flash and bounce flash possibilities to the T20 and T32, and gives the flash extra battery power with increased number of flashes and reduced recycling time. The T32 (or T20) + Power Bounce Grip 2 combination works as
1) a higher output power source operating on four 1.5V "C" batteries
2) a grip type electronic flash unit
3) a bounce flash unit.
Auto bounce flash is possible in conjunction with a TTL Auto Cord T and the flash set to TTL "OTF" Auto flash.
A built-in TTL Auto Cord socket allows TTL "OTF" Auto flash with both the T20 and the T32.
The unit consists of a bracket and a removable grip for convenience in carrying and storing. The bracket with a built-in synch cord connects to the grip instantly.
The On/Off switch on the flash activates both the "AA" batteries in the flash and "C" batteries in the grip.
The recycling time with the T32 is 0.2~9sec. with Alkaline batteries and 0.2~7 sec with Ni-Cd batteries; the number of flashes is increased to 200~1000 in auto operation (0.2~10sec recycling time and 100~500 flashes for T32 used without Power Bounce Grip 2).
The angle of the Bounce Head can be adjusted from 90 upward to 20 downward, 60 right and 240 left for convenient bounce flash close-up flash photography. The Bounce Head is locked by a lever.
This unit has a Motor Drive release button that allows operation of the Motor Drive or Winder by the right hand holding the unit.
Four 1.5V "C" batteries are used (including Ni-Cd batteries).
An External Power Socket accepts the output plug of the F.AC Adapter 2 or 3.
The Grip Strap can be attached to the eyelets of the Power Bounce Grip for a more stable grip.
Five tripod screw holes on the bracket allows free choice of camera position.
The camera can be mounted to either the right or left-hand side of the grip by swiveling the bounce head 180.
The Quick Auto 310 flash cannot be used.
The full-synchro flash F280 (with TTL Auto Cord F0.6m) can be used, but the batteries in the grip will not provide extra power.
The Flash Extender can be attached to give extra extension, when the rubber plug at the front of the Extender is removed, but the batteries in the grip will not provide extra power.
The T18 flash cannot be used unless the Flash Extender is also used.
M.Grip Cord is required to electrically connect the Power Bounce Grip 2 to a Motor Drive or Winder.
The batteries must be removed from the grip when the unit is not to be used for long periods.

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