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The T10 Ring Flash 1 screws into the front of the camera lens and links with the T Power Control 1 mounted to the camera, to provide shadowless lighting at extremely close camera distances.
Ring flashes are especially intended for macro lenses.
A TTL "OTF" Auto ring flash specially designed for close-up and macrophotography.
Compact and functional, it is ideally suited for medical, scientific and  outdoor action photography.
Guide number is 10m (100 ASA) at peak.
A modelling light in the form of eight electric bulbs are built into the flash surface to facilitate focusing and composition with dark subjects.
With the aid of the optional Ring Cross Filter POL, existing of an outer polarizing filter (covering the flash surface),orientated at right angles to an inner polarizing filter (covering the camera lens), the ring flash reproduces glossy objects, minimizing undesirable directly reflected light (shells, human eyes, etc.).
This flash unit works in tandem with the T Power Control 1 (containing 4 AA batteries, booster, capacitor, etc.).
Having two threads, the T10 can be screwed into either 49mm or 55mm lenses. This excludes the manual macro lenses 20mm/F3.5 and 38mm/F3.5.
The modelling light is powered by the 6V Power Pack 2 or AC Adapter 3.
Ring flashes may cause red-eye effect in portraits.

Main specifications (T10 + T Power Control 1)

Type: Energy-saving, series-circuit type Centralized Control (TTL Auto) flash unit with Manual capability. Electrical connection
Flash to T Power Control 1: the spiral cord of the flash has a connecting plug with bayonet mount that plugs into the T Power Control 1.
T Power Control 1 to camera:
1) clip-on type with hot shoe and lock
2) bracket type with Power Bounce Grip 2 and TTL Auto Cord T
3) free type with TTL Auto Cord 2 and TTL Auto Connector. 
Guide Number: 10m (ASA 100) Calculator Panel: Reversible plate type - blank side for TTL Auto mode on cameras that support TTL flash and calculator side for Manual modes.
Available with scale in meters and in feet for 20mm/F2, 38mm/F2.8, 50mm/F3.5, 80mm/F4 and 135mm/F4.5 macro lenses.
Coverage angle: 80.


Aperture setting: continuous, accords with aperture ring setting of camera-linked lens.
Flash confirmation: flash ready and flash OK LED on the T Power Control 1. Viewfinder indication contact provided.
Recycling time: 0.2-10 sec. with AA Alkaline batteries on TTL Auto. Manual flash guide numbers: HI-10 (ASA 100, m) and LOW-4 (ASA 100, m).
Flashes per set of AA Alkaline batteries: 100~500 on TTL Auto. Power Sources:
1) Four 1.5V AA 'penlight' batteries (incl. Ni-Cd batteries) inside T Power Control 1
2) Power Bounce Grip 2
3) F.AC Adapter 3.
Color temperature: 5800K. Illuminators: Eight electric bulbs are built into the front of ring flash unit. Power source: 6V Power Pack 2 or AC Adapter 3.
Mounting on lens: 49mm and 55mm filter thread mount provided.  Dimensions and weight:
T10 Ring Flash main body: 86x18mm, 95g.
T Power Control 1: 81x70x104mm, 320g (without batteries).

Download instructions (1.9 Mb) (T10 Ring Flash 1 / T Power Control 1)
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