Flashphoto Group       Electronic Flash T18

Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
A very light and compact energy-saving, series-circuit type, system electronic flash unit.
Full OTF auto flash capability on compatible camera bodies.
Charge/Auto check lamp is visible in both the viewfinder (not on the OM-1/OM-2) and on the back of the T18.
Guide number 18m (ASA 100).
The coverage angle is equal to the picture angle of a 35mm wide angle lens.
TTL Auto: reflected flash light is measured Off The Film.
The features of the system are:
1) ASA flm speed and aperture need not be set on the flash.
2) lens aperture is used continuously
3) extensive working range 25cm~15m (F1.2 lens, ASA 100)
4) auto macrophotography and photomicro- flashphotography is possible
5) flash-light acceptance angle coincides with lens picture angle.
Two 1.5V "AA" batteries (Ni-Cd batteries cannot be used.
The T18 cannot be used on a camera having no hot shoe.
With the optional TTL Auto Connector T20 and a TTL Auto Cord T, TTL off-camera operation is possible.

Main specifications

Type: Energy-saving, series-circuit type Centralized Control (TTL Auto) flash unit. Color temperature: 5600K.
Guide Number: 18m (ASA 100) Connection to camera
Mechanical: clip-on type (via accessory shoe).
Electrical: Direct contact (hot shoe) or via TTL Auto Connector T20.
Coverage angle: Ample coverage of picture area of 35mm lens. TTL AUTO
Aperture setting: continuous, accords with aperture ring setting of camera-linked lens.
Working range: 25cm-15m (100 ASA, F1.2 lens).
Flash confirmation: flash ready and flash OK LED on the flash. Viewfinder indication contact provided.
Flash duration: 1/40.000(?)~1/1500 sec. Manual flash guide number: 18 (ASA 100, m).
Quick reference chart on back of flash shows recommended apertures with manual flash operation.
Recycling time: 0.2-7 sec. with AA Alkaline batteries on TTL Auto; Manual: 7 sec.
Flashes per set of AA Alkaline batteries: 200 or more on TTL Auto. Power Source: Two 1.5V AA 'penlight'batteries (Ni-Cd batteries cannot be used).
Dimensions and weight: 52x90x45mm, 105g without batteries.