Flashphoto Group       TTL Auto Cord 0.6m

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The TTL Auto Cord 0.6m is required when the Quick Auto 310 flash is separated from the OM-2 for off-camera TTL "OTF" Auto flash, or bounce TTL Auto flash operation on the Bounce Grip. Spiral type, 0.6m long.
Attaches to the Accessory Shoe 2 and Quick Auto 310 instantly.
TTL "OTF" flash with the Quick Auto 310 is only possible with the OM-2 (without "n" designation), and also requires Accessory Shoe 2.
This cord does not fit a T flash and will not function with Accessory Shoe 3.
Insertion of the unit's flash-plug into the synchro cord socket of the Quick Auto 310 sets it automatically to TTL Auto mode, regardless of the setting of the flash mode dial.
When the Bounce Grip is used in conjunction with the TTL Auto Cord 0.6m, the built-in synch cord of the bracket unit should be put back into its storage groove. If this cord is plugged into the camera's synchronization socket, the Quick Auto 310 will not function.