Flashphoto Group       TTL Auto Cord F0.6m

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This extension cord is required for off-camera flash operation, to connect the full-synchro flash F280 to an OM camera. This cord provides full support for Super FP flash, TTL "OTF" flash, and viewfinder Charge / Auto Check indication with the F280 and a compatible OM camera.
A spiral Shoe Cord type, extendable from 0.3m to 0.6m.
The plug is locked in mechanically when fully inserted into the terminal socket of the F280; the Hot Shoe Mount can be secured by a Lock Knob.
Flash units other than the F280 cannot be used; the plug does not fit in a T-series connector, so units like the TTL Auto Connector T20 and TTL Auto Multi Connector cannot be used.
When the F280 is mounted on the Power Bounce Grip 2 for off-camera bounce flash operation, the TTL Auto Cord F0.6m can be inserted into the F280, but not in the Power Bounce Grip 2.
The Hot Shoe Mount must be slipped into the Hot Shoe with the arrow pointing forward.
To disconnect the TTL Auto Cord from the flash, hold the metal part and pull it out. Do not pull the cord or its rubber part.


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