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The multi-flash connector allows 2 or 3 T-series flashes units to be combined to perform simultaneous multi-unit flash photography. Simultaneous flash with up to 9 flash units (with 4 TTL Auto Multi Connectors and 14 TTL Auto Cords T) can be performed in TTL "OTF" Auto mode.
Using several multi-flash connectors, the length of the TTL Auto Cords can be extended as long as 30m for TTL Auto remote flash photography.
This maximum length of 30m also applies to a multiple flash setup and should be watched when one or more cords are of length 5m.
Flash units other than the T-series cannot be used.
The flashes can be connected directly (T32, T45), or with the TTL Auto Connector T20, or with the Power Bounce Grip 2.
In TTL Auto mode, the calculator panel of each flash unit should be set in the "full automatic control by OM-2" position.
Before connecting the TTL Auto Cord, switch off the flash unit.
Start taking pictures after the charge lamp in the viewfinder or on the back of each flash unit lights up.
Flashes that are no longer needed should be disconnected rather than just turned off.
When multiple flash units are positioned at the same distance from the subject, the resulting Guide Number can be calculated with the following formula:
GN=V (GN12 + GN22 + GN32 + ...).
Thus when four flashes with Guide Number 32 are used, the resulting Guide Number is 64.
In TTL Auto mode, the effect of this resulting Guide Number is processed automatically, but the minimum and maximum working distance are increased.
To remove the TTL Auto Cord T, hold the metal ring (not the cord) tightly and pull.


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