Lens Group       Lens Caps

Front Lens Caps:
The 49mm, 55mm and 72mm Lens Caps are made from plastic.
The 100mm Lens Cap is made from metal, screw-in type.
The 8mm/F2.8 Fisheye, 16mm/F3.5 Fisheye, 18mm/F3.5 and 1.4XA Teleconverter have special Lens Caps because of their protruding front elements.
The 2xA Teleconverter uses a normal Body Cap.
The 250mm/F2 and 350mm/F2.8 lenses use a soft leather Lens Cap.

Rear Lens Caps:
The normal Rear Lens Cap fits most lenses.
A special Rear Lens Cap is available for the 80mm/F4 Auto Macro and the 135mm/F4.5 Macro because of their protruding rear elements.