Macrophoto Group       Telescopic Auto Tube 65-116

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This unique Telescopic Auto Tube functions as a portable bellows for outstanding versatility and convenience in outdoor macrophotography, medical close-up photography, etc.
It comes with a Tripod Mount that provides better balance with a tripod and that can be removed for more convenient hand-held photography.
It telescopes in a direct outward motion, minimizing the risk of frightening animal subjects.
It allows automatic aperturing with automatic lenses.
Magnifications can be continuesly changed between infinity and 0.43x for the Auto Macro 135mm F4.5 lens.
With the Telescopic Auto Tube, the 135mm Macro lens can also be used for telephotography at infinity as an ordinary 135mm telephoto lens.
The 80mm F4 macro lens has a magnification range with the Auto Tube from 0.5x to 1.2x which can be further extended to 1x~2x in conjunction with the close-up lens 80mm macro.
Magnification indications are engraved on the two extension rings for the 135mm, 80mm, 38mm and 20mm Auto Macro lenses (early versions of the tube carry only the indications for the 135mm and 80mm lenses).
The magnification ratio for the 80mm macro lens applies to the lens only (without the close-up lens f=170mm).
In addition a scale from 65mm to 116mm in increments of 5mm is graduated as a guideline for use of other lenses.
Dimensions and weight: 70mm diameter, 65~116mm length, 325g; tripod mount: 100g.
In close-up photography the depth of field is so small that pinpoint focusing and lens apertures of F8 or smaller are needed for good results.
When a tripod is used, make sure to connect the tripod to the Auto Tube.
The Auto Tube can be used either for vertical or for horizontal formats.
In conjunction with a T10 Ring Flash 1, the Auto Tube permits flash photography of extremely close-up subjects.
This unit can be used with any normal OM lens between 50mm and 200mm.
This unit should be used after locking the Auto Tube extension.
Focusing screens 1-4, 1-10, 1-11 and 1-12 are recommended for use with the Auto Tube.
Do not use two or more Auto Tubes simultaneously or an Auto Tube in conjunction with extension rings.

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