Macrophoto Group       Copy Stand & Table Clamp

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
A sturdy close-up and copy stand with a 48x44cm base board for accommodating large size subjects. It includes a 80cm detachable column and movable camera support for fine adjustments.
The distance of the lens to the base board can be adjusted from 22 to 76cm.
The weight of this unit is 7400g.
The optional available gooseneck Lighting Set can be attached to the column of the Copy Stand for artificial lighting.
The optional available Table Clamp can be used to clamp the column, used without the base board, firmly to the table.
The Varimagnifinder is recommended for comfortable operation when the Copy Stand is placed on a table.
A Motor Drive or Winder and M.Remote Cord are recommended to avoid camera position shift when winding the film.
Best results are obtained with a 50mm Macro Lens or 90mm Macro Lens.