Macrophoto Group       Focusing Rail & Focusing Stage

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These two units, available separately, facilitate focusing in close-up and macrophotography when the Auto Bellows is not used, for instance with the 50mm/F2, 50mm/F3.5 or 90mm/F2 Macro Lenses, or with Extension Tubes, the Telescopic Auto Tube, or Close-Up Lenses. The Focusing Rail is identical to the rail provided with the Auto Bellows. Without the bellows, it can be used in conjunction with the Focusing Stage. It permits smooth and free movement of the camera along the rail, letting you focus and compose as desired. A Focusing Knob and Rail Clamping Knob are provided.
The Focusing Stage mounts the camera to the Focusing Rail, and permits convenient shifting of the camera position. Features a built-in Clamp Screw that fits to the camera tripod socket and a Camera Shift Knob for control.
The depth of field is extremely small in close-up work. Therefore, not only correct focus but also a small aperture such as F8 or F11 are recommended.
Even a smallest movement of the camera affects pictures especially when enlarged to great extent. To avoid this, make it a point to use the Focusing Stage and Focusing Rail, a sturdy tripod and a cable release whenever possible.