Macrophoto Group       Epi-illuminator PM-LSD 2 & Transformer TE-2

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
A prime lighting source for incident lighting consisting of a high-intensity tungsten lamp and a 6-8V variable transformer. The 26cm base stand and the tilt arm make it easy to direct the light source from the desired height and angle.
The focus of the light beam is adjustable by shifting the bulb position; the light beam spread is also adjustable.
A filter holder in front of the lamp accepts round filters (45mm slide-in or 49mm screw-in).
It provides oblique incident lighting with the PM-EL unit mounted to the lens.
The transformer TE-2 is also available as a separate unit.
The Epi-illuminator PM-LSD 2 can also be used for incident lighting with a microscope.
A pair of PM-LSD 2 is recommended to allow more control of shadows and to obtain a more even lighting.