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This Slide Copier is designed specifically for use with the Auto Bellows for duplicating mounted slides and film strips. An extremely versatile accessory, this Slide Copier also lets the photographer make black and white or color negatives from color transparencies, or even make improvements on the original photograph.
It is provided with a Bellows Hood (compendium) to provent false light entering the lens, and a Diffusion Glass to ensure even lighting.
Magnification Indicators on the Slide Copier facilitate, together with the markers on the bellows, setting magnification and focus with the Zuiko 1:1 Macro Lens 80mm/F4, or a 50mm lens.
First mount the Auto Bellows to the camera. To mount the Slide Copier to the Auto Bellows, first attach its supporting arm to the Focusing Tripod Block on the bellows, with the Block in contact with the stepped end of the Magnification Indicator Board and tighten the copier in place using the Arm Clamping Screw and mount the lens to the lens mount.
Because it is specially designed for 1:1 (life size) magnification, the Zuiko 1:1 Macro Lens 80mm/F4 is recommended.
The Zuiko Macro 50mm/F3.5, Zuiko 50mm/F1.2, 50mm/F1.4 or 50mm/F1.8 Standard Lenses can also be used. Make sure to set these lenses at infinity. The 55mm/F1.2 lens requires a 55->49mm adapter ring.
If only a particular portion of the slide must be duplicated, the Zuiko Macro Lens 38mm/F3.5 is recommended for best results.
Align the base end of the Lens Mount Board to the orange-white line om the magnification scale of the bellows and secure it in position with the Lens Clamping Knob.
The base end of the Camera Body Mount Board must be aligned and clamped to the mark "1x" or "1.5x" (orange for 80mm, white for 50mm lenses) on the Magnification Scale of the bellows.
After loosening the Focusing Rail Clamping Knob on the bellows, rotate the Focusing Knob to align the end of the Focusing Rail to the "1x" or "1.5x" magnification line (orange for 80mm, white for 50mm lenses) on the Magnification Scale of the Slide Copier.
To attach the Lens Hood Mount to the lens, detach the Bellows Couplers and pull the bellows on the Slide Copier out untill it reaches the lens hood. Secure the bellows to the lens using the Lens Hood Clamping Knob.
Insert the mounted slide or film strip. To load a mounted slide, insert it into the slot near by the diffusion glass with the glossy side (no emulsion) towards the camera.
The optional Roll Film Stage can be used in conjunction with the Slide Copier to facilitate duplication of roll film up to 10m (33 1/3 feet) in length. To load a film strip, pull down the Film Holder Release Lever to open the Film Holder. Then insert the film in the opening behind the diffusion glass. After correcting the film position (still pressing the Holder Top) push the Button Lock so that the Film Holder stays closed. The opening of the Film Holder can be adjusted by the Adjusting Knob.
To achieve correct focusing quickly and easily, first aim the camera towards any available light source. Loosening again the Focusing Rail Clamping Knob, rotate the Focusing Knob to focus on the slide.
The vertical position of the image can be adjusted by moving the film holder up and down. Normal positioning is obtained by aligning the red dots on the film holder and arm.

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