Motor Drive Group       M. 6V Power Pack 1 / M. 6V Power Pack 2

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
The M. 6V Power Pack 1 and M. 6V Power Pack 2 are pocketable external power units for Winder 1 and Winder 2.
These units allow operation of the Winders in extreme low temperatures.
They can also be used to power the modelling lamps of the Macro Flashes.
The M. 6V Power Pack 1 is a small lightweight unit that consists of a Battery Holder that accepts four 1.5V "AA" batteries (Manganese, Alkaline or Ni-Cd), a 1.2m cord that plugs into the Winder, and a plastic case.

The M. 6V Power Pack 2 is a larger and heavier unit that accepts four 1.5V "D" batteries, providing extra power for longer battery life. The leather case has a strap. The cord is also 1.2m.
When these units are not used for long periods, remove the batteries to prevent battery leakage.
When the output plug is plugged into the external power plug of the Winder, the Winders internal batteries are switched off automatically.


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