Motor Drive Group       M. Quartz Remote Controller 1 & M. Remote Controller Cord 10m

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
A wired remote control unit for use with Motor Drive 1 or 2, or Winder 1 or 2.
Cord length is 1.2m, but an extension cord (M. Remote Controller Cord 10m) is optionally available.
Provides controls for mode switching between single and sequence operation.
In particular, used together with the Motor Drive 2, it assures the following useful information even during remote control operation:
1 - LCD frame counter, countdown type with automatic stop at "0".
2 - Audio-visual exposure confirmation.
The built-in intervalometer makes possible sequential operation at intervals from 0.5 sec. to 24 hours per frame.
LCD frame counter and exposure confirmation are not available with Motor Drive 1, Winder 1 or Winder 2.
The Timer Jack near the Motor Drive Cord accepts the optionally available Olympus Program Timer TM-2 (not part of the OM System).
With this unit the programmable interval can be increased from 24 hours to one week per frame, for environment observations over an extended period.


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