Motor Drive Group       M. Remote Cords 1.2m / 5m

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The M. Remote Cord is plugged into the remote control jack of the Motor Drive 1 or 2, or the Winder 1 or 2, to operate the OM cameras from a distance. The compact, easy-to-operate control employs an electromagnetic shutter release operated by a soft-touch shutter release push button..
Two types of cords, 1.2m and 5m respectively, are available.
Plug the cord securely into the jack with the mode selector (Motor Drive 1 or 2) or switch dial (Winder 1 or 2) at the "OFF" position.
When disconnecting, pull the plug, not the cord.
Do not force down the push button.

These cords can also be used to trigger the iS-2000 camera.