Photomicro Group       Time Lapse Control Unit PM-IV

Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
Using the PM-IV in conjunction with the Automatic Exposure Control Unit PM-CBAD makes fully automatic time-lapse photography possible. 

In addition, time lapse filming on 16mm movie film can be achieved with the PM-IV and the motor drive PM-MD for Bolex 16mm cine cameras.
The on-off switch of microscope light source can be synchronized for time lapse photography, protecting living organisms from light-induced damage.
The PM-IV is essential for the photomicrographic study of tissue culture and cell material.
The time interval can be set between 1 sec and 99.9 hours.
A LED display shows the time elapsed and the number of frames taken during photomicrography.
Framse selection can be set from 1 to 9999 frames.
The PM-IV can only be connected to the Automatic Exposure Control Units PM-CBAD and PM-CBSP.