Phototechnical Group       3V Battery Holder 1

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This external battery holder can be used to keep the electrical shutter and metering system of the OM-2 or  OM-2n running under extreme low temperatures. It consists of a Battery Holder that accepts the two battery cells from the OM-2(n) and can be closed with the Battery Chamber Cap of the OM-2(n), connected with a 147cm cable to a plug that can be screwed into the Battery Chamber of the OM-2(n).
This allows the photographer to keep the external battery holder in his pocket, protecting the batteries from voltage drop due to low temperatures.
The OM-2(n) mechanics will function in temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celcius.
This unit can only be used with the OM-2 or OM-2n.
A Winder or Motor Drive cannot be used when 3V Battery Holder 1 is attached.

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