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Do you have a site dedicated to Olympus OM equipment, or based on a picture gallery containing photos shot with Olympus OM equipment? Why not join the Olympus OM Webring?

It is easy, and won't take much of your time. Here is the three step plan how to join:

Step 1.
- First, visit the Olympus OM Webring, and press the Join This Ring button at the top. 
- If you are already a member of Yahoo, enter your Yahoo ID and password to sign in, otherwise you must first sign up.
- After signing in you'll see the screen Join the Olympus OM Webring Ring!
Press the Join Ring button.
- A data entry form Join this ring will appear. 
- On this form you will be requested to enter the following data of your site:
    - its URL
    - its title as it will appear on the list page
    - its description as it will appear on the list page
Make sure this description clearly shows the relation your site has to Olympus OM photography!

Step 2.
When you have submitted these data, you'll immediately receive an automatically generated e-mail containing the Yahoo Webring HTML Code that you must add to your site, as soon as possible
This code should preferrably be added to the same page (URL) that you entered in the data entry form - this will facilitate Webring navigation for visitors to your site.

Step 3.
At this point your site has not yet completely been added to the Olympus OM Webring.
It has been placed in a queue instead. Once you have added the HTML code into your page and published the page, you should send  me an e-mail, as can be read in the e-mail you received. If you have put the HTML code fragment on a different page than the page you submitted to the ring (which is not recommended), please notify me where I can find it. I shall check your site if the code is really present and then your site will be moved from the queue to the ring, where it will almost immediately be visible and accessible. That's it!

There are only a few rules you must commit to, in order to be added to and stay in the Olympus OM Webring. These rules are based upon common sense and the philosophy behind this webring, to make sure the ring can function as it is supposed to, and that visitors of the ring are not confronted with offensive material. I do not wish to play a policeman, judge or anything, and basically most if not all submissions will be accepted, but just in case, this is what I (and probably most visitors of the Olympus OM webring too) would expect from you and your site:

Rules concerning the proper functioning of your site inside the webring:
- You must be Webmaster of the site you wish me to add.
- Only one URL per site can be added.
- You must add the Webring HTML code ASAP to your site once you've received your Site ID.
- You must not remove this code from your site while you're a member of the ring.
- If your is moved to another location you must change the settings in Yahoo (Sign in > My Rings > Edit).

Rules comcerning the contents of your website, to make sure visitors get what they would expect and not run into offensive material:
- Your site should have a clear dedicated relation to Olympus OM photography. Wether this is Olympus OM equipment info, Olympus OM photography technique info, or a gallery containing pictures shot with Olympus OM equipment doesn't really matter.
- Commercial sites are allowed as long there is a clear relation to Olympus OM photography or equipment.
- The page you add to the webring must not contain adult material. If adult material can be accessed from any other place on your site there should be a clear warning. Just remember the Olympus OM webring is not an adult playground.
- The page should be free from statements, political or otherwise, that can clearly be offensive to other people. The Olympus OM webring isn't a political arena either.
- Sites containing illegal material or links to illegal material are not accepted.

- Whenever visitors or webring members think any of these rules are violated on a member site, mail me
- Dead links can also be reported to me.