Macrophoto Group       Centering Mirror PM-EL-CS

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
The Centering Mirror PM-EL-CS permits precise adjustment of the optical axis of the light beam of the Trans-Illuminator LSD or Epi-Illuminator PM-LSD 2. It can be used for vertical incident lighting in conjunction with the PM-EL Mirror Housing units.
For this purpose the mirror is put on the stage plate of the VST-1; the reflected light beam from the Mirror Housing is aimed at the center spot (*) of the mirror which should first be centered in the field of view.
It can also be used to center the light of the Illuminator when it is used to obtain soft, shadowless lighting with the Lieberkühn Reflectors. In this case the mirror should be put in the Trans-Illuminator Base X-DE, replacing the built-in reflector. 
Again the light beam can be alligned using the center spot (*).

(*) There also exists a version of the mirror that does not have a center spot.