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The PMT-35 is a complete macro- and microphotographic system for use with the OM System, consisting of 46 units, including the macro lenses and 26 standard units, suitable for transmitted and reflected light.

Its base is a Support Stand similar to the PM-PSS but with a modified arm on which a special bellows is attached.
On the plate there is a special Trans-Illuminator Base with Illuminator attached which can be exchanged with a microscope for precision microphotography.

The PMT-35A, introduced in the early 1980's is an economized version, available in two different subversions: PMT-35TA and PMT-35RA.
Neither versions include the macro lenses or the Lieberkühn Reflectors.
The PMT-35TA for transmitted light doesn't include the PL-LSD 2's; the PMT-35RA for reflected light doesn't include the Trans-Illuminator base or Stage Plates.

It permits use of transmitted or incident illumination for sharply focused detail in the entire image field as desired.

The non-standard Auto Bellows allows a magnification range with various macro lenses from 0.45x to 16.5x.

Included with the original PMT-35 are three macro lenses (80mm/F4, 38mm/F3.5 and 20mm/F3.5), two Epi-Illuminators PM-LSD 2, Lieberkühn Reflectors, Stage Plates, Filters, etc.

It also features an optional bellows mounted vibration free shutter for high magnification macro- and micro photography. Shutter speed range 1sec~1/500sec, T & B, having M & X flash contacts.
The OM Mount Photomicro Adapter H connects the OM body to the PMT-35.

The Light Shield Tube PM-SDM is a special attachment unit for photomicrography with the PMT-35 equipment.

When the Incident Illuminator Mirror Housing PM-EL 20 is used with the Macro Lens 20mm/F3.5 on the PMT-35, it is recommended to mount the Adapter +0.5x in between the PM-MToB and the lens, to avoid the light path to be obstructed by the bellows rails.