Photomicro Group       OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter H

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
An adapter to mount the OM body to other units of the Photomicro and Macrophoto Groups. This adapter is used for mounting the OM body on the   Photomicrographic Systems PM-10-A / PM-10-M, the  Exposure Bodies PM-PBA / PM-PBM or the Macrophotographic Equipment PMT-35.
For these connections the Adapter H is used together with the 35mm SLR Camera Adapter PM-D35S.
The Adapter H also permits attachment of the OM body to the Olympus Motorized Operating Microscope Model OMB for recording of micro-surgery.
It is also used to attach the OM body to the Auto Bellows, and is included with the bellows.
The focusing screen 1-12 is recommended for use with the Adapter H in photomicrography.