Motor Drive Group       M.18V Control Grip 1 / 2 & M.18V Battery Holder 1

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Pistol-grip type power supply for the Motor Drive 1 or 2, containing an M. 18V Battery Holder 1 that accepts twelve AA batteries.
M. 18V Control Grip 1 and M. 18V Control Grip 2 are functionally and electrically identical; the only difference is a very minor cosmetic redesign.
Quick and firm direct mounting to the Motor Drive 1 or 2, or via a Relay Cord.
Large, easy-to-operate mode selector dial (Sequence-Off-Single).
Solid-state circuit to prevent wind-on during shutter opening and after last exposure.
Spare battery holders are available, facilitating uninterrupted motor drive operation during long shooting sessions.
Relay Cord 1.2m allows the photographer to carry the Control Grip in his pocket to reduce the weight and bulk of his hand-held equipment or to prevent battery degradation in sub-zero temperatures.
Relay Cord 10m is available for extended remote control.

Main Specifications

Type: Grip-type power supply for Motor Drive 1 or Motor Drive 2. Capacity: Approximately 70 rolls of 36-exposure film with fresh superpower Manganese batteries.
Batteries: Twelve 1.5V AA Alkaline or Manganese batteries or twelve 1.25V AA Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries. Mode Selector: Rotating dial type with "SINGLE", "SEQUENCE" and "OFF" click stop positions.
Solid-state circuit for automatic film wind stop after last exposure.
Voltage: Alkaline or Manganese batteries: 18V; Ni-Cd batteries: 15V. Shutter release: Large trigger-type with lock lever.
The shutter release on the motor drive, that can be used alternatively, is not influenced by the position of the Shutter Release Lock Lever.
Battery loading: Magazine-type M. 18V Battery Holder 1 with built-in lock button and polarity protector. Dimensions: 32x87x136mm.
Mounting: Snap-on type special mount; direct contact terminal, with Grip Detach Button. Weight: Body only: 130g; Battery Holder: 30g; batteries: 240g.

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