Motor Drive Group       M. 15V Ni-Cd Control Pack 1 / 2

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
Flat top type rechargeable power supply for the Motor Drive 1 or Motor Drive 2, equipped with special built-in Ni-Cd cells.
M.15 V Ni-Cd Control Pack 1 and M.15 V Ni-Cd Control Pack 2 are functionally and electrically identical; the only difference is the Clamping Screw which is made of metal on Pack 1 and of plastic on Pack 2.
The Motor Drive/Control Pack package makes a most compact, lightweight highspeed motor drive system.
Clamped directly to the Motor Drive 1, or via a Relay Cord.
Large, easy-to-operate mode selector dial (Sequence-Off-Single).
Solid-state circuit to prevent wind-on during shutter opening and after last exposure.
Checker lamp indicates 3-level battery condition (on-blink-off).
The M. 15V Ni-Cd Charger 1, a charger exclusively designed for the Control Pack, must be purchased with the unit.
Relay Cords 1.2m and 10m are available for remote-control motor drive photography.
In extremely low temperatures, battery power drops and the checker lamp may blink after less than normal number of film cartridges used.
To prevent this, connect the unit to the Motor Drive via relay Cord 1.2m and put it inside a coat pocket.
Internal Ni-Cd cells are built-in and cannot be removed from the unit.

Main Specifications

Type: Flat-type rechargeable power unit exclusively for use with Motor Drive 1 or Motor Drive 2. Mounting to Motor Drive: Via Clamping Screw (direct contact) or via Relay Cord.
Battery: Built-in Ni-Cd cells. Mode Selector: 'Lift-and-rotate' dial type with SINGLE, SEQUENCE and OFF click positions;
solid-state circuit for automatic film wind stop after last exposure.
Charging Apparatus: M. 15V Ni-Cd Charger 1 (extra). Shutter Release: Push button with release lock
The shutter release on the motor drive, that can be used alternatively, is not influenced by the position of the Shutter Release Lock Button.
Charging Time: 4~5 hours for full capacity. Battery Checking: Checker LED indicates 3 levels.
Capacity: Approx. 40 rolls of 36-exposure film. Dimensions & Weight: 129x67x35mm, 260g.

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