Motor Drive Group       M. 15V Ni-Cd Charger 1

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The charger for the M. 15V Ni-Cd Control Pack 1 or 2 is plugged into the household AC wall socket. The Terminal Contacts of the Output Plug snaps on the terminal plate of M. 15V Ni-Cd Control Pack or 2 for charging.
Charging time for full capacity (for approx. 40 rolls of 36-exposure film) is 4~5 hours.
In an emergency, a 5-minute charge will provide capacity for 1~2 rolls, and a 30-minute charge for 6~10 rolls.
Voltage Switching Screw allows selection of 100V, 120V, 220V or 250V AC input.
Before charging, be sure the voltage switching screw is set to your local voltage rating.
After charging, be sure to unplug the unit from AC mains.
Depending on the shape of the AC wall socket, an optional plug adapter may be necessary.
The Mode Selector of the Control Pack may be set to any position.


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