Motor Drive Group       Winder 2 & M.6V Battery Holder 1

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Fixed directly to the camera base, the Winder 2 functions integrally with the OM camera body to perform automatic continuous or single-frame film advance, operating on four internally-fitted 1.5V AA batteries. Extremely small and lightweight.
The film winding speed of 2.5 frames per second is the fastest among the winders usually available on the market.
Once the shutter release button is pressed (at "Single"), the unit winds film by one frame and cocks the shutter as soon as exposure has been made: a significant advantage over its counterparts that require the finger to be taken off the button to initiate wind-on. At "Sequence" the unit keeps firing as long as the button is held down.
Solid-state circuits automaticall stop wind-on at the end of film roll.
Four 1.5V penlight batteries must be used. The batteries are loaded into the M.6V Battery Holder 1, which in turn is inserted into the Winder 2.
Early OM-1 models not made for Motor Drive use must be modified to accept the Winder 2. The camera can easily be modified at authorized Olympus factory service centers at nominal charge.
In extremely low temperatures, use of the M.6V Control Pack 1 is recommended to prevent battery degradation.
M.Remote Cord (1.2m or 5m) is optionally available.

Main specifications

Camera: all OM cameras except OM-707, OM-101 and OM-2000. Input voltage: DC 4-6V (DC 4-5.5V in case of external power source with large potentiality).
Film advance: Single-release or continuous shooting, instant film wind after each exposure. Capacity: Approx. 20 rolls of 36-exposure film with a set of fresh Manganese batteries; approx. 50 rolls with Alkaline batteries; approx. 15 rolls with Ni-Cd batteries at normal temperature.
Operational time: Approx. 0.3 sec. Film: 12-, 24- and 36-exposure roll films, and up to 250 exposures on 10m bulk load film using 250 Film Back 1.
Shutter speeds: same as camera used w/o Winder. Remote control: Remote Control Jack accepts 2.5mm output plug of remote control apparatus, like the M.Remote Cords 1.2m or 5m.
Power supply: Four 1.5V AA batteries including Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries; jack for external power source (like the M.6V Control Pack) built in. Dimensions: 130x64x98mm.
Battery loading: Snap-in, magazine type M.6V Battery Holder 1. Weight: 290g (without batteries).

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