Photomicro Group       Manual Exposure Body PM-PBM / PM-PBM-W

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Summary Main Characteristics Notes - Related Units
This exposure body, when used with the OM-1 or OM-2 in manual operation facilitates photomicrography especially at high magnifications.

The PM-PBM and PM-PBM-W are essentially identical; the first is grey and the latter is white.
Provided with an integrated mechanical shutter in a vibration-proof rubber mount, permitting shutter speeds from 1/250 sec. to 1 sec. and a "B" setting.
A three position Light Path Selector Knob and Quick Clamp Mount for the Focusing Telescope, Shutter Cocking Lever, Flash Synchro Socket and Shutter Speed Setting Lever are also provided.
A Light Measuring Port accepts the photocell of the Photomicrographic Exposure Meter EMM-7.
The cable release has a time exposure locking device.
Among the focusing units available, the Screen Viewer PM-VSC is recommended for objectives lower than 4x, the Focusing Telescope PM-VS for higher objectives.
The PM-PBM requires the Photomicro Adapter H and 35mm SLR Camera Adapter PM-D35S to mount an OM body.