Photomicro Group       Manual Photomicrographic System PM-10M

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This is a popular manual version of the PM-10, consisting of 8 units, including the Manual Exposure Body PM-PBM, Eyepiece Adapters, Focusing Telescope, Magnifier, etc. The PM-10M, when used with the OM-1 or OM-2 in manual operation, facilitates photomicrography especially at high magnifications.
The light path selector control can be adjusted to transmit all light to the observation eyepiece for focusing and composing in low light situations, to divide light between viewing and film planes, or to send all light to the light measuring port, which accepts the photosensitive cell of the Photomicrographic Exposure Meter EMM-7.
The OM-2 does not require the EMM-7 because of its built-in automatic exposure control system.
This system requires the Photomicro Adapter H and 35mm SLR Camera Adapter PM-D35S for mounting on a microscope with the Photomicrographic Supporting Stand PM-PSS or Eyepiece Adapters.